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The Hero’s Journey – how hardwork is for arseholes

You remember that movie where Keanu Reeves realizes he lives in a computer program?
It’s the perfect fantasy film.  The movie begins with the hero getting chewed out by their boss after having had to stay up late surviving by selling pirate software.  Think about how the authority is portrayed and how dislikeable they are.  The typical angry boss. A power smug prick treating Neo like a child:


Then by the climax of the film Neo is neck stabbing the very same stereotype while Trinity is living out the murder fantasy:



I think the film was called Avatar.

Anyway, this movie perfectly reflects the common fantasy that almost every media aims to convey.  The overcoming of objectively unreasonable people and hopeless situations.  

The problem is how the ‘Heroes’ get there. Continue reading The Hero’s Journey – how hardwork is for arseholes