About The Boiling Pot

The Boiling Pot is where my game collection comes to die.  As a result of sale over-enthusiasm I have accumulated roughly 100 games through digital and physical platforms that I have yet to play.  In order to protect my wallet I have opted to systematically play them all before purchasing another game.  Theboilingpot.net is where I post my thoughts,  reviews and opinions of these games, and also a place to practice my enthusiasm for creative writing, video games and the psychology behind the medium.

About me
Disclosure; I am an ex-employee of Blizzard Entertainment and worked as a Customer service representative.  The views and opinions expressed on this website/blog are entirely my own and do not reflect the opinions/stances of Blizzard Entertainment.  Though I enjoy playing Blizzard Games I will not be addressing them on this site.

I have a degree in Business technology and have great enthusiasm for PC technology and gadgets.  I have a certificate in Psychology, Interepersonal Communications and can knit a mean sweater.