Battlefield 2: Complete Collection

It’s like finding a corpse!

Played via Steam

The recent lack of site updates has mainly been due to the colossal amount of time Fallout 4 is taking to complete.  I’m planning on posting that review before the end of March, but in the meantime I wanted to quickly get my experience of Battlefield 2 stamped and archived.  A game that is widely regarded as a classic and has been sitting on my steam list for 2 Years now.

For the most part the online aspect of game is dead.  Technically there are mods, community servers and LANs which can potentially allow play with others, but EA ceased official online support a couple of years ago.

Having said that, I have little interest in multiplayer and was more interested in what the single player had to offer.

It offers nothing essentially. I closed the game after 23 minutes and am confident that I will never need to open it again.

A ‘Single Player’ option exists, but this is as technical a description as I have ever encountered in a game.  There is no campaign.  You are dropped into a map with bots filling the roles of other players and team based objectives to complete, such as securing points.

Other than a bare loading screen description about what forces are battling and why – there isn’t any real narrative or driving story.  The match ends when points happen.

I realise that BF2 is primarily a multiplayer game and I’m not exactly the intended audience, but even Unreal Tournament had a contest around which to frame it’s bot matches – something that could be progressed.

Those 23 minutes of play had some tense moments, frustrations and satisfactions but since your AI teammates are morons, and your respawn points miles from the action (with no intelligent friends to pick you up in a vehicle), there is a lot of nothing happening as most of the time is spent running with just the sound of wind to keep you company.

This game has a bit of a legacy so I’m sure that the weapons and classes are balanced, that strategies and command centres are well designed, and blah blah blah… it no longer matters.  There’s just no one there to take advantage of these systems and the game can no longer be played as it was originally intended.  It’s a long abandoned, malfunctioning playground now.

Battlefield 2 isn’t even on sale any more.  So this ‘review’ is just for the very specific people in my position – those who have the game on their list and are wondering if there is anything worth their time.

There isn’t.