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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro:  Shadows Die Twice

Played on PS4-Pro

In Sekiro, From Software boils down the combat of Dark Souls and Bloodborne to it’s most brutal and intimate – where constant engagement with the enemy – even in defence – is required to succeed.  However, much of the variety and satisfaction that is typical of From’s other Souls- like games has also be been boiled away. Partly due to the setting and theme of the game, but I fear it is also because From Software are starting to believe their own bullshit.

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Final Fantasy IV

FFIV grabbed my interest when I realized that the protagonist was a terrible bastard. Cecil, a Dark Knight that commands the king’s fleet – begins the game invading and robbing weaker kingdoms for their precious Crystals by order of the King. He expresses doubt regarding the King’s judgement but continues to follow orders anyway. Eventually Cecil’s actions unwittingly result in the deaths of many innocents.

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Hexen: Beyond Heretic – Review Deshitified

This is a re-write of the first game I reviewed 3 years ago.  I’ve edited the older review with my present experience and mindset.  I also wanted to remove overly critical fun-making (which isn’t as helpful as I wanted to believe) and lots of redunant stuff.  The original review contained 4043 words.  This contains 960.

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