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Thoughts on aspects of gaming that noticibly help (or hinder) the fun.

The Hero’s Journey – how hardwork is for arseholes

You remember that movie where Keanu Reeves realizes he lives in a computer program?
It’s the perfect fantasy film.  The movie begins with the hero getting chewed out by their boss after having had to stay up late surviving by selling pirate software.  Think about how the authority is portrayed and how dislikeable they are.  The typical angry boss. A power smug prick treating Neo like a child:


Then by the climax of the film Neo is neck stabbing the very same stereotype while Trinity is living out the murder fantasy:



I think the film was called Avatar.

Anyway, this movie perfectly reflects the common fantasy that almost every media aims to convey.  The overcoming of objectively unreasonable people and hopeless situations.  

The problem is how the ‘Heroes’ get there. Continue reading The Hero’s Journey – how hardwork is for arseholes


6 video game elements that exist to waste my time

I’ve created a ‘Time Wasters’ category in my steam list, which I find is growing at an alarming rate. This is the category where I discard games that attempt to flush away my time away with insubstantial, repetitive bloat. The larger this list becomes the more I visualize burning money and time subtracted from my trip to the grave. Continue reading 6 video game elements that exist to waste my time


Slow Burn – Dark Souls – Subtly Special

Summarizing Dark Souls to someone unfamiliar with the ‘Souls’ series would likely bore them into avoidance.  A third person RPG set in a dark fantasy (open) world where you fight Undead soldiers, knights, dragons and other various monsters in medieval-esque towns, fortresses, chasms, caves and castles.   There is nothing special about the game at an initial glance.

The astonishing popularity of Dark Souls obviously dispels this idea, but I always wondered if the game would have been overlooked had there been no initial momentum (possibly generated by the predecessor ‘Demon Souls’). There is no way of knowing, but I am glad that scenario remains hypothetical as I would have likely missed out on a sublime experience.

I felt that straight reviewing Dark Souls would be slightly unnecessary as it’s pretty  much widely accepted as a classic.  The brief description above gives the mechanical and aesthetic context of the game and if that so far has held your interest then I can immediately recommend Dark souls.

Here though, I’m giving Dark Souls a Slow Burn.  Just to relax and jabber on about elements of the game that I found stood out and stuck with me weeks after completion. Continue reading Slow Burn – Dark Souls – Subtly Special


A quick word on some favorites

A quick word on some favorites

First off, there are no (and never will be) perfect games.  It is not possible to say which game is the ‘best’ as the question itself is pretty much meaningless.  A more appropriate question would be which game is the ‘Best’ in a certain aspect, and even that is subjective to the individual.  Even of my own opinion it is difficult to say what I believe to be the ‘best’ game, or even my favorite game.

If however, someone were to put a gun to my head and ask such a silly question, I would say it is a tie between Deus Ex and Final Fantasy VII.  If then forced to choose between those two then I would probably be dead before I heard the shot.  My fondness for both prevents me from making a decision.  Both are large in scope, have complex stories, different ways to play, great music, action and effectively provoke emotion.  Neither have aged well and when I revisit them I notice more and more flaws, but I will forever remember these with rose tinted glasses. I played them at just the most appropriate moments in my life for them to have the biggest impact and they will not soon be forgotten.

Continue reading A quick word on some favorites