Sign of Life

It’s been months since the last update.  This is an accurate reflection of my current frame of mind with regards to the site.  I like to post when I get a solid itch to say something – and I haven’t been feeling anything lately.

This post is a blimp to let you know that I haven’t flat lined.  The site is still on my mind, I’m just struggling for a direction.

Im not fond of constant updates, this isn’t facebook.  I’d like everything posted to be meaningful and at least some way producted as a peice of work.   This takes a lot of time and I’m not going to invest into something unless I have a solid drive to see it all the way through.
It will come…eventually


The Hero’s Journey – how hardwork is for arseholes

You remember that movie where Keanu Reeves realizes he lives in a computer program?
It’s the perfect fantasy film.  The movie begins with the hero getting chewed out by their boss after having had to stay up late surviving by selling pirate software.  Think about how the authority is portrayed and how dislikeable they are.  The typical angry boss. A power smug prick treating Neo like a child:


Then by the climax of the film Neo is neck stabbing the very same stereotype while Trinity is living out the murder fantasy:



I think the film was called Avatar.

Anyway, this movie perfectly reflects the common fantasy that almost every media aims to convey.  The overcoming of objectively unreasonable people and hopeless situations.  

The problem is how the ‘Heroes’ get there. Continue reading The Hero’s Journey – how hardwork is for arseholes

Site Update – The Search for Ideas

I mentioned some time ago that I wanted to change the direction of theboilingpot; however, I have been struggling with the direction I want to take.  Initially I wanted to write about the relationship people have with computer games.

Many of the articles I wrote turned out to be wanky, to be frank, so I just didn’t publish them. Judgemental soap boxing that I would rather avoid.

So I went back to reviews.  As seen by the previous FFIV review.  I think I’m back to the drawing board with the site though.  I will write reviews when I feel the need, I still find it enjoyable.  But regards to what this site ‘turns into’.  I have no idea.

I might replace the site entirely, but that will probably take a long time, and only after/if I’ve advanced into a different career. For now, theboilingpot continues as it started, playing and reviewing games and giving thoughts on gaming as a medium.


Final Fantasy IV

FFIV grabbed my interest when I realized that the protagonist was a terrible bastard. Cecil, a Dark Knight that commands the king’s fleet – begins the game invading and robbing weaker kingdoms for their precious Crystals by order of the King. He expresses doubt regarding the King’s judgement but continues to follow orders anyway. Eventually Cecil’s actions unwittingly result in the deaths of many innocents.

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Hexen: Beyond Heretic – Review Deshitified

This is a re-write of the first game I reviewed 3 years ago.  I’ve edited the older review with my present experience and mindset.  I also wanted to remove overly critical fun-making (which isn’t as helpful as I wanted to believe) and lots of redunant stuff.  The original review contained 4043 words.  This contains 960.

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