Site Update – The Search for Ideas

I mentioned some time ago that I wanted to change the direction of theboilingpot; however, I have been struggling with the direction I want to take.  Initially I wanted to write about the relationship people have with computer games.

Many of the articles I wrote turned out to be wanky, to be frank, so I just didn’t publish them. Judgemental soap boxing that I would rather avoid.

So I went back to reviews.  As seen by the previous FFIV review.  I think I’m back to the drawing board with the site though.  I will write reviews when I feel the need, I still find it enjoyable.  But regards to what this site ‘turns into’.  I have no idea.

I might replace the site entirely, but that will probably take a long time, and only after/if I’ve advanced into a different career. For now, theboilingpot continues as it started, playing and reviewing games and giving thoughts on gaming as a medium.