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Review – Bayonetta

Developed by:  Platinum Games
Published by:  Sega (Xbox 360, PS3), Nintendo (Wii U)
Released: 2009 (PS3, Xbox 360),  2014 (Wii U)
Platforms:  PS3, Xbox 36, Wii U (Played)

I recall polarizing opinions about Bayonetta when released originally;  mainly on whether or not the portrayal of the titular character was simply male fan service , or a bold display of authentic sexual expression and individuality.  Having never played a game with such as sexualized female protagonist, I was very uncertain as to what to expect.  On completing the game I can say that – though Bayonetta doesn’t fit exactly in either of the aforementioned categories,  she certainly leans towards the latter.

A game is more than its main character however and the colourful visuals, energetic combat, upbeat music and all round silliness provide the game an all round joyful presence.

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