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Flash Boil – Plants Versus Zombies and The Wolf Among Us

The systematic annihilation of my Steam list continues with the completion of 2 very mechanically and tonally different games that each possess a distinctly cartoonish aesthetic.  I intended fully reviewing ‘Plants versus Zombies’ and ‘The Wolf Among Us’ initially, and though both are excellent games, there wasn’t anything too out of the ordinary about either to get me energetic enough for a lengthy review.  As such, I am marking this as the announcement of a new series of short reviews titled ‘Flash Boil’.


Plants versus Zombies

Developed by:  Popcap Games
Published by:  Popcap Games
Released: 2009 (Windows),  2010 (Mac), 2011-2013 (Almost every other digital gaming platform)
Platforms:  PC, Steam(Played), Mac, Android, PSN, PSVita, Nintendo DS, XBLA

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Review – Bulletstorm

Developed by:  Epic Games/People Can Fly
Released: 2011
Platforms:  PC/Steam (Played), Xbox 360, Playstation 3

You might be able to tell if you will enjoy Bulletstorm by your reaction to the following line of in-game dialogue:

‘Take a lick of the salty taint of DOOM, you braindead biker whores!’

I find this sentence representative of the game in general.  Bulletstorm is exceptionally immature and stars a cast of idiots spouting insults and contrived one liners.
However, what makes the humour bearable (and at times, even funny) is that Bulletstorm is also very fun.

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