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Slow Burn – Deathkings, Metal Gear and Difficulty

‘Hexen: Death Kings of the Dark Citadel’ and ‘Metal Gear Rising’ are both highly challenging games.  Each implements difficulty in their own way, but my response to how each game applied their challenge was strongly polarising.  One strengthened my determined to overcome the challenge presented, the other prompted me to uninstall the game in rage.

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Hexen: Beyond Heretic

Hexen:  Beyond Heretic

Published originally in 1995 and later released on Steam, Hexen:  Beyond Heretic, its predecessor Heretic and their cousin Doom (which used the same ID Tech 1 engine) are an early example of how realistic graphics can age terribly.  That’s not to say that there is a lot of realism in Hexen, it’s set in a fantasy world, but it suffers the same problem as other aging games in that it’s attempt to have high graphical fidelity (for it’s time) results in it dating very quickly.

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