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A quick word on some favorites

A quick word on some favorites

First off, there are no (and never will be) perfect games.  It is not possible to say which game is the ‘best’ as the question itself is pretty much meaningless.  A more appropriate question would be which game is the ‘Best’ in a certain aspect, and even that is subjective to the individual.  Even of my own opinion it is difficult to say what I believe to be the ‘best’ game, or even my favorite game.

If however, someone were to put a gun to my head and ask such a silly question, I would say it is a tie between Deus Ex and Final Fantasy VII.  If then forced to choose between those two then I would probably be dead before I heard the shot.  My fondness for both prevents me from making a decision.  Both are large in scope, have complex stories, different ways to play, great music, action and effectively provoke emotion.  Neither have aged well and when I revisit them I notice more and more flaws, but I will forever remember these with rose tinted glasses. I played them at just the most appropriate moments in my life for them to have the biggest impact and they will not soon be forgotten.

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Flash Boil – Plants Versus Zombies and The Wolf Among Us

The systematic annihilation of my Steam list continues with the completion of 2 very mechanically and tonally different games that each possess a distinctly cartoonish aesthetic.  I intended fully reviewing ‘Plants versus Zombies’ and ‘The Wolf Among Us’ initially, and though both are excellent games, there wasn’t anything too out of the ordinary about either to get me energetic enough for a lengthy review.  As such, I am marking this as the announcement of a new series of short reviews titled ‘Flash Boil’.


Plants versus Zombies

Developed by:  Popcap Games
Published by:  Popcap Games
Released: 2009 (Windows),  2010 (Mac), 2011-2013 (Almost every other digital gaming platform)
Platforms:  PC, Steam(Played), Mac, Android, PSN, PSVita, Nintendo DS, XBLA

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The Last of Us™ Remastered_20150126202433

Review – The Last of Us Remastered

The Last of Us Remastered

Platform:  Playstation 4
Released:  2013

There is a lot to be said for a game that compels you to physically imitate the motions your character.  I instinctively held my breath as I snuck Joel, one of the main characters, mere inches past a clicker,  a blind but incredibly dangerous enemy  that wandered unpredictably.  Any noticeable noise would betray my location causing it to zone in for the kill. I sat on the edge of my seat,  fully focused on the screen, knees bent, head forward in copy cat position of my character on screen.  As I crawled to the exit I had to resist every urge to break out into a run as it would have been almost certain death.

This is the kind of tension and dread that The last of US Remastered very effectively evokes.

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