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Review – Super Meat Boy (Binned)

Super Meat Boy

Developed by:  Team Meat
Published by:  Microsoft Game Studios (Xbox 360), Headup Games (PC)
Released: 2010
Platforms:  Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Steam (Played), Linux, Mac OS X

I must regrettably dump Super Meat Boy into the boiling pot’s ‘Binned’ list.  I walk away genuinely saddened;  it was an abusive relationship, but one that I had considered tough but fair.  The rare moments of joy had convinced me to keep returning, even though I knew I would eventually find myself being mistreated again.   I remained dedicated and faithful until the moment Super Meat Boy went too far.  I had to take care of myself.  I had to leave.

SMB now shares the same space as ‘Deathkings of the Dark Citadel’ as another uncompleted game on The Boiling Pot.  To clarify however, SMB is not as offensively obtuse as the Hexen expansion, however it pushed it’s challenge too far by adding randomness to it’s difficulty.

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