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Developed by:  Radical Entertainment
Published by:  Activision
Released: 2009
Platforms:  PC (Played – Steam), Xbox 360, Playstation 3

There’s a lot going on in Prototype.  It is foremost a sandbox, GTA style open-world game taking place in New York, where pedestrians, motorists and military populate the environment.

You traverse the city in an almost Assassin’s Creed like manner – climbing buildings, clinging to walls and jumping from rooftop to rooftop.  Your character can leap enormous distances and glide through the air in a way that is practically flying.

Your character’s superhuman body can mutate its limbs into various types of weapons and armour, allowing you to battle humans and monsters in a third-person style reminiscent of Bayonetta and Devil May Cry.

Various firearms are available for when melee is impractical.  The targeting system is useful for fast moving targets such as helicopters and quick moving enemies.  You can also pilot tanks and helicopters to reign death on your enemies.

Prototype’s most prominent feature however is that it is astonishingly unexceptional.

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A quick word on some favorites

A quick word on some favorites

First off, there are no (and never will be) perfect games.  It is not possible to say which game is the ‘best’ as the question itself is pretty much meaningless.  A more appropriate question would be which game is the ‘Best’ in a certain aspect, and even that is subjective to the individual.  Even of my own opinion it is difficult to say what I believe to be the ‘best’ game, or even my favorite game.

If however, someone were to put a gun to my head and ask such a silly question, I would say it is a tie between Deus Ex and Final Fantasy VII.  If then forced to choose between those two then I would probably be dead before I heard the shot.  My fondness for both prevents me from making a decision.  Both are large in scope, have complex stories, different ways to play, great music, action and effectively provoke emotion.  Neither have aged well and when I revisit them I notice more and more flaws, but I will forever remember these with rose tinted glasses. I played them at just the most appropriate moments in my life for them to have the biggest impact and they will not soon be forgotten.

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Review – Super Meat Boy (Binned)

Super Meat Boy

Developed by:  Team Meat
Published by:  Microsoft Game Studios (Xbox 360), Headup Games (PC)
Released: 2010
Platforms:  Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Steam (Played), Linux, Mac OS X

I must regrettably dump Super Meat Boy into the boiling pot’s ‘Binned’ list.  I walk away genuinely saddened;  it was an abusive relationship, but one that I had considered tough but fair.  The rare moments of joy had convinced me to keep returning, even though I knew I would eventually find myself being mistreated again.   I remained dedicated and faithful until the moment Super Meat Boy went too far.  I had to take care of myself.  I had to leave.

SMB now shares the same space as ‘Deathkings of the Dark Citadel’ as another uncompleted game on The Boiling Pot.  To clarify however, SMB is not as offensively obtuse as the Hexen expansion, however it pushed it’s challenge too far by adding randomness to it’s difficulty.

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